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Dermatop Cream

Brand Name: Dermatop
Generic Name:
Manufacturer: Aventis

Main Ingredient: Prednicarbate

Dermatop Cream, 0.25% contains prednicarbate, a synthetic corticosteroid for topical dermatologic use

Dermatop is a topical corticosteroid given to treat the rash, itching, inflammation, and other forms of skin disorders including eczema and psoriasis. Drugs like Dermatop do not cure the cause of these problems but they can quickly relieve the symptoms by interfering with the production of various substances in the body that cause these skin disorders. That is why it is imperative that corticosteroids like Dermatop should not be used without prior consultation of your physician, as these conditions could be a symptom of a larger problem.

Dermatop is for external use only.

Indication & Dosage
Corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses
Adult: Apply a thin film of 0.1-0.25% cream or ointment to affected area. Discontinue therapy when control is achieved.

Hypersensitivity. Primary infective skin conditions; rosacaea; perioral dermatitis.

Special Precautions
Periodic HPA axis evaluation if used in large amounts over prolonged periods; secondary dermatological infections; pregnancy; lactation; infants; avoid contact with eyes and their immediate vicinity. Paraffin in prednicarbate crm prep can cause breaking or leaking of latex condoms. Avoid application to large areas, especially when the skin is broken or under occlusive dressings.

Adverse Drug Reactions
Burning sensation; in rare instances, rash, itching, paraesthesia, folliculitis or allergic features like reddening or weeping skin lesions may occur.

Dermatop caution
Avoid using large amounts of Dermatop over large areas of your body as this could lead to needless side effects somewhere else in the body.

Topical corticosteroids like Dermatop should not be used as the exclusive treatment for serious skin diseases like herpes, fungus, or skin tuberculosis.
Do not use Dermatop if you ever had an allergic reaction from using it in the past.
Prolonged use of topical corticosteroids like Dermatop near the eyes may cause cataracts or glaucoma.

Children are more at risk of serious side effects from Dermatop. Dermatop should not be given to infants under one year of age or for children older than 1 year for more than 3 weeks.

Dermatop Side Effects
Common side effects of using Dermatop may include allergic reaction, rash, irritation, acne, itching, and discoloration of skin. The side effects are more likely when the treated area is covered with waterproof bandage.

Use of large quantities of topical corticosteroids like Dermatop over large parts of your body should be avoided as large quantities may be absorbed into the blood stream, which could lead to serious side effects.

Dermatop interactions
Check with your physician before combining Dermatop with other steroids.

Dermatop and pregnacy
Topical corticosteroids like Dermatop may cause birth defects especially when applied in large amounts. If you are or think you may be pregnant, do not use Dermatop without first checking with your doctor.

Nursing mothers should switch to bottle feed while using Dermatop.

Dermatop doses
Consult with you doctor or pharmacist as the doses vary with each condition.

Dermatop overdose
There are no known symptoms of Dermatop overdose. However, if you suspect an overdose, seek medical help right away.

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