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Super Specials

These items have a relatively short expiry date and we have a very limited amount of each product.
Please look at the expiry date below before you place an order on any of these products.

Proluton Depot 250 mg

  Product name  Generic name    Quantity   Price    Buy now 
  Proluton Depot 250 mg   Hydroxyprogesterone  3 amps       $42.00  Buy Now 
  Expiry date: 09/2013. Availability: 1 box x 3 amps.

Brand Names: Proluton Depot
Generic Name: Hydroxyprogesterone
Manufacturer: Schering
Quantity: 3 ampoules
Short description: This product is manufactured by Medipharm (Lahore), Licencee of Schering


  Product name  Generic name    Quantity   Price    Buy now 
  Duxaril 30 mg/10 mg   Almitrine/Raubasine  30 tabs       $15.00 Buy Now 
  Expiry date: 12/2011. Availability: 30 tabs

Brand name: Duxaril
Generic names:
Almitrine bismesylate 30 mg, Raubasine 10 mg.
Quantity: 30 tabs
Short description: More information here.


  Product name  Generic name    Quantity   Price    Buy now 
  Rifadin 300 mg   Rifampicin  15 caps       $18.00 Buy Now 
  Expiry date: 06/2012. Availability: 15 caps

Brand name: Rifadin, Rimactane, Rifampin, Rifam, Rifaldazine, Rofact
Generic names:
Novartis (Under License)
Quantity: 15 caps
Short description: This product with good expiry date can be found here:

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September 4, 2017:
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Avandia 8 mg, 56 tabs
Avandia 8 mg, 56 tabs

This was my very first order with, and a very good experience it was too. Very fa...(read more)

Stephen McCarthy
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