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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by: A.Lloyd of Eastern US

Date added: 05/16/2016

Title: Mr

I have just recently discovered Pharmaoffshore and could not be happier that I did! They carry a particular medication that I have never once seen sold at another IOP and the price is quite reasonable too. The type of mecication I normally order are often faked or counterfeited, however PharmaOffshore even enclosed the original Manufacturer's Packaging although I never asked them to do that. I thought this was an especially nice touch, because you can match up the Manufacturers Batch #'s and Expiration Dates printed on the box to those printed on your blister packed medications ! You know you're getting the "Real Deal". Customer Service is very friendly and they almost always have my order ready to ship withing 5 business days of ordering. Considering this medication is not widely available, 5 days is very, very reasonable. Because it must be sent Registeed Mail and cannot be tracked once it leaves the country of origin, shipping times can vary because one never knows how long parcels will stay in customs once they enter the US. My average time from date of order to date of receipt is about 21 days which is right in line with just about every IOP I order from. Packaging is good, but could probably use a more stealthy method. But thus far, I have received all my orders and not one has been late, seized or lost! If PharmaOffshore has what you are looking for, I woukd not hesitate to recommend them. I'm a very happy customer with PharmaOffshore and hope that continues. Thanks to Sarah and everyone else, I got ny order right on time-TODAY! :)

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