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Brand Names: Nootropil, Qropi, Myocalm, Dinagen, Synaptine
Generic Name:
Manufacturer: ucb

NOOTROPIL is a “nootrope “ that is to say it is a psychotropic agent which acts directly on the brain to improve the efficacy of the telencephalon in both normal subjects and those suffering from some functional deficit. This area of the brain is involved in cognition and also has a role to play in teaming and memory, in alertness and in consciousness. NOOTROPIL does not produce either sedation or stimulation. NOOTROPIL can act on the Central Nervous System in a variety of ways.

Nootropil, Piracetam will modify neurotransmission within the brain, and can help to improve the metabolic environ­ment essential for good neuronal function. It is also a ha emorrheo logical agent and can improve microcirculation without producing vasodilation. When given as acute or long term treatment for patients suffering from a tunctional CNS deficit, or after cerebral trauma such as hypoxia or intoxi­cation, and after electroshock therapy, it will heighten alertness and increase cognitive function. These changes are seen as a significant increase in the alpha and beta activity, with a reduction in delta activity on an EEG trace.

NOOTROPIL will reduce the duration of vestibular nystagmus. NOOTROPIL will improve regional oxygen and glucose uptake in the brain in patients suffering from dementia subsequent to multiple infarcts. NOOTROPIL will inhibit the increased aggregation of activated platelets and, in conditions where there is abnormal rigidity of the red blood cell, it can restore deformability and the ability to pass through the microvasculature.

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Generic name: Piracetam
Brand names:
Nootropil, Qropi, Myocalm, Dinagen, Synaptine
Manufacturer: Various

Piracetam is a nootropic. It is a dietary supplement which is claimed to enhance cognition and memory, slow down brain aging, increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, aid stroke recovery, and improve Alzheimer's, Down syndrome, dementia, and dyslexia, among others. Piracetam's chemical name is 2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine acetamide; it shares the same 2-oxo-pyrrolidone base structure with 2-oxo-pyrrolidine carboxylic acid (pyroglutamate).

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